In the Church


Adult Choir-Rehearsals are Sunday mornings at 8:30am in the Sanctuary.

     Everyone is invited from High School age on up.  You don't have to read music or sing like Pavarotti - just have a            heart for worship and a love of music.  We are a growing group and there is room for more, so come out and join us        we'd love to have you!

     For more information contact:

    Kim Feerrar. 

Special Music - We would welcome the opportunity to share your gifts and talents in worship to                                          anyone interested in providing special music for preludes, offertories, and anthems.

     Please contact: Pastor Taylor at 717-414-0053

Praise Band-Are you interested in joining a band?  Join the Praise Band!  

     For more information please contact: Suzanne Carr at



9:30 AM Worship Services 

Acolyte - Youth 3rd grade to 8th grade will be lighting the pulpit candles at the start of the service as well as extinguishing the candles at the conclusion of our time together.  Acolyte is an ancient Greek term that means follower or helper.  The lighting of the candles at the start of the service is to remind worshippers that God is present in the service.  At the conclusion of the service, the acolytes will extinguish the candles and carry the light out of the service, reminding us that as we move from our worship time to our daily lives, we are reminded to carry the light of Jesus Christ into the world.

 Ushering -join the ushering team to hand out bulletins, assist worshipers with finding their seats, and help collect the offering during the worship service.
     If you are interested in serving in this manner contact: Jacinth Maynard at
Liturgist/Scripture Reader -help lead worship from the pulpit by sharing the opportunities and ways to grow, leading the confession of sins, reading scripture and elements of the bulletin.
     Contact: Brenda Rossman at  if you are interested in serving in this manner.
Nursery -Join the care giving team of nursery helpers one Sunday a month during the corporate worship service to play with and teach our little children from infants to three years old.
     Contact: Brenda Rossman at if you are interested in serving in this manner.
Kids Worship -join our exciting new team of servants who care for and teach young ones during the corporate worship service. This class is an extension of the nursery but provides the older children with a worship service designed for them and is age appropriate.
     Contact Brenda Rossman at the Church Office, 570-748-2810 if you are interested in helping!

Member Care
Member Care is a team of worshippers who care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of our faith community. Here’s how you can serve:


Visitors -join the team to help visitors get connected and plugged in to our faith community. It’s strange to attend a new church; join us in making visitors feel welcomed and encouraged.


     Contact: Whitney Merinar at  if you are interested in serving in this manner.


Members -join the team to care for and help our members build relationships, grow spiritually, and find ways they can serve. Connecting our members in these areas is vital as a way to deepen and strengthen our Christian community. Come along with the journey of making sure our members are growing strong and staying connected.


     Contact Whitney if you are interested in serving in this manner.


New Members -join the ministry team who helps plug our brand new members into vital areas for growth and service. Once people join the faith community it is vital for them to get connected in relationships with others and spiritual growth ministries. We need you to make sure our new members have found a good faith home.


     Contact Whitney  if you are interested in serving in this manner.


Homebound Members -help care for those who are kept in their homes by age, sickness, handicap, or disability. Help take them food, bulletins, sermon CDs, encouragement, or just visit them for a few minutes to build them up.


     Contact Whitney if you are interested in serving in this manner.


Building and Grounds Projects


If you are interested in helping with church building projects, contact the church at 570-748-2810 and we will inform you how you can help fix, create, or maintain our building.